dealing with negative facebook reviewsLike it or not, Facebook has become an important marketing tool for businesses of all sorts. An effective and well managed Facebook presence helps you to connect with your community, keep people up to date on your business, drive traffic to your business website and give your potential customers reasons to choose you over your competitors. The facebook review feature plays a critical role in your overall facebook success.

Facebook gives users two options for rating experience with a local business:

  • A “rating” is a simple one-to-five star rating.
  • A “review” contains a star rating as well as a written statement.

Facebook displays your Ratings on a 5-star scale near the top of your business page. The closer your score is to 5, the more reputable your business appears to the casual viewer.

Not every review will be positive, regardless of how good or bad you did your thing. Don’t panic. No matter how scathing, a negative review or rating does not signal the death of your business. When it comes to handling negative reviews and ratings on your Facebook business page, you do have a few options.

Individual reviews cannot be deleted. However, you can click “I don’t like this review” from a drop down menu in the upper right corner of the review post. If the review is determined to be spam or without cause, Facebook might remove it. But if the person posts only a rating without a written review, you don’t have this option.

If Facebook does not remove the review, you have the option of hiding all reviews on the page. This can be done by going into your Page Info section of your page settings. Then click on Address, and uncheck the box labeled “Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page.” This method is not usually recommended as it will also hide many positive features of your business page and prevents users from leaving new reviews. As you might expect this also hides the map that displays your location, number of people that have checked in at your location and the star ratings from visitors to your page.

You can reach out to the reviewers by commenting on their review post. If possible, address their review in a friendly manner, and ask for their feedback in correcting what they did not like about their experience. A bad review can also be seen as a request to fix something they perceived as broken. They may remove their review or even change it to a positive review.

The most effective way to deal with negative reviews? Actively seek out more positive reviews (you already should be doing this). Positive reviews decrease the effect of negative reviews. Having a few 1 star ratings doesn’t prevent your page from having a high overall rating.

Also, Facebook initially displays the most helpful reviews. These are the reviews with the most interaction. If your 5-star reviews have the most interactions, Facebook displays those ahead of the negative reviews.

To recap: All business pages will receive a negative review at some point. Knowing how to handle a negative review makes all the difference in how it affects your trade.

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